Find your dream appartment here
Find your dream appartment here

Expat Housing

Expat Housing is your trusted partner in real estate rentals in the Hague and its surroundings. With over 15 years of experience, Expat Housing is your number one address for renting or renting out apartments. Expat Housings services are characterized by fast, to-the-point service, an extensive network in the real estate industry and expert advice.

Expat Housing has a large customer base existing of international organizations and companies on the one hand, and professional real estate investors on the other hand. Our services are accessible to everyone, however.

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Do you want to rent your property out to expats? Expat Housing is your reliable partner for a fast, secure and safe rental to expat’s who are moving to the Hague.


Are you looking for a new place to call home? Expat Housing is your reliable partner in your search for an apartment, as we are offer a wide range of properties within all price classes.


Are you moving to the Hague anytime soon? Expat Housing offers a wide range of services to assist in your relocation to the Hague and make the process as smooth as possible.